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Kickstart – Your Road Map to the Resources Industry


After a helping hand to get your foot in the door?

This one’s on the house…

Download the Cribhut Kickstart guide for FREE! This guide has been hand crafted by workers for workers both skilled and unskilled. The guide contains all the information needed to get you on track with your new career in the resource sector.


  • STEP-BY-STEP guide to efficiently get your foot in the door.
  • Kickstart is a 60 PAGE FULLY CUSTOMISABLE program to suit you.
  • EXTRA OPTIONS available to you than just, ‘The Mines.’
  • Remove the clutter and FIND YOUR BEST WAY IN.
  • OVER 95 OCCUPATIONS some you probably never knew existed.
  • Find an Occupation, Industry and Type of Work in HIGH DEMAND
  • Rosters and Pay that SUIT YOUR LIFESTYLE.
  • SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, only do the courses you need.

Almost every day at Cribhut we are asked, “How do I get a start in the Mines?”…..It’s like asking how do I catch a fish?

Where do you live? Do you have a boat? Do you have rods, handreels, bait or lures? How far are you willing to travel? How much time are you willing to put in?

You get the picture, it’s not such an easy one for us to answer.

You are an individual with a unique situation, skills, experiences and preferences, so you need an individual answer.

This is our solution…

A fully customisable road map.


Kickstart – Your road map to the mines