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Labourer Jobs

Labourer Jobs Occupations and Demands List


Decoding the demand tables

MI – Mining,  HI – Heavy Industry,  EN – Energy,  IN – Infrastructure,  AG – Agriculture,  CO – Commercial,  DO – Domestic,  OP – Operations / Production / Process,  DN –  Drilling, Blasting and Exploration (Onshore),   DF – Drilling and Exploration (Offshore),  MA – Maintenance,  CN – Construction,  SD – Shutdowns,  PC – Projects and Capital Works

Green – High Demand,  Orange – Medium Demand,  Red – Low Demand

Note:  Please remember this demand table is just a guide to give you the most bang for your buck, whilst trying to get your foot in the door.  If you had your heart set on a certain occupation and it displays a red demand, don’t let us put you off.  Just be aware of it and know that you may have to work harder, longer or smarter to get your way in and possibly to have a fall back plan.  As we said the demand tables are just a guide, meaning they are a generalisation and will vary from project to project, site to site, location to location etc.


Labourer Jobs

Labourers are used in all industries.  Labourers are utilised for assisting tradesman, cleaning, delivering parts & equipment and general works.

Labourer Jobs Demand


Peggy Jobs

If you don’t yet know, a ‘Cribhut’ is where workers on Mining and Construction site have lunch and meetings.  Hence the reason for our company’s name and the slogan, ‘Where the workers are’.  Peggy’s clean up Cribhut’s, run errands and help out management in construction, building and mining industries.

Peggy Jobs Demand