How to Get a Job on the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment Project

How to Get a Job on the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment Project

In the ‘How to get a job at …….’ series we are going to be running over Australian Mining and Construction projects all over the country.  In each post we will include an Overview of the project, a Location Profile, the Companies involved, the Occupations required, the skills / qualifications that will help you to get your foot in the door and the Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.  This will help you to stay in the loop and know how to skill up where needed.  The aim is to help you get yourself into the best position to land a start on the major sites and projects around Australia.


About the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment Project

From the ICN website

The Managing Contractor (Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd) will manage the design and construction of the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment works on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia. Construction works are scheduled to commence in July 2014 with project completion expected 2016.

HMAS Albatross is a naval air station. It is the centre of the Navys aviation capability and is the Navys principal aviation facility. HMAS Albatross provides operational, administrative, training and logistic support to the Australian Navy Aviation Group, the Parachute Training School and other Defence users. The Redevelopment project is essential to the remediation of facilities, infrastructure and engineering service for sustainment of Navys aviation capability and support to the fleet and broader Defence requirements.

HMAS Albatross Redevelopment project aims to upgrade and refurbish existing facilities and infrastructure for the command, training, maintenance, operational support and administration functions to meet projected base operational and support capabilities for at least the next 20-30 years. The works include 22 Infrastructure and Facility elements which are to be performed over a wide area of the Base.

Work consists of:

  • upgrading critical trunk engineering services,
  • upgrading buildings and facilities to support operational capabilities,
  • upgrade aged facilities to appropriate standards and,
  • the improvement of base security


Location Profile – Goulburn & Southern Tablelands

Australia’s First Inland City, The Big Merino, Wollondilly River, Mulwaree River, Bungonia, Lake Bathurst, Marulan, Tallong, Tarago, Towrang, Agriculture, National Parks, Cycling, Swimming, Brewery, Ghost Tour, Golf, Skate Park, Pubs, Wineries, Markets, Fishing

Population: 67,499 (Goulburn-Yass SA3 ABS 2011)

Goulburn Mulwaree Council

Goulburn – Rents as at Jul 2012

2 bed 1 bath – $185 – $265

3 bed 1 bath – $250 – $360

4 bed 2 bath – $330 – $460

Goulburn – House Prices at at Jul 2012

2 bed 1 bath – $130,000 – $530,000

3 bed 1 bath – $ 200,000– $450,000

4 bed 2 bath – $240,000 – $2.000,000

Climate data for Goulburn Airport
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C 40.4 39.6 35.9 30.7 24.4 20.7 18.4 24.1 27.1 31.3 39.9 38.6 40.4
Average high °C 27.7 26.3 23.6 19.8 15.9 12.3 11.6 13.5 16.4 19.5 22.7 25.4 19.6
Average low °C 12.6 12.8 9.9 5.5 2.6 1.3 0.3 0.6 3.2 5.3 8.3 10.6 6.1
Record low °C 1.4 0.7 -0.1 -6.3 -8.1 -10.2 -9.1 -10.9 -6.8 -5.6 -4.4 -0.6 -10.9
Avg. Rainfall mm 44.2 53.9 36.8 22.2 34.4 52.6 34.6 36.5 46.6 53.4 58.3 55.7 529.2
Avg. Rainy days 7.6 8.3 8.7 8.5 11.3 13.6 14.2 11.3 10.9 9.9 9.8 8.0 122.1


Companies Involved with the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment

Leighton Contractors – awarded the managing contractor and will manage the design and construction of the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment works on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia.

As this project is only in the early stages there has been limited announcements regarding contracts awarded to companies.  This article will be updated with the appropriate information as soon as announcements are made.

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Occupations Required at the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment Project

  • Electrical Trades
  • Mechanical Trades
  • Building Trades
  • Rigging
  • Mobile Plant Operator / Truck Driver
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Crane Operators
  • Labourer / Trades Assistant
  • Metal Trades
  • Health & Safety


Qualifications to help you get a foot in at the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment Project


Interstate Licence Recognition

A helpful tool to finding out whether your trade qualification needs mutual recognition when working interstate.
Check out the Cribhut Daily post – Thinking about Working Interstate – Licence Recognition


HMAS Albatross Redevelopment Project Union Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

An Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) is a collective industrial agreement between either an employer and a trade union acting on behalf of employees or an employer and employees acting for themselves.

 At this stage of the project no EBA’s can be found, as they are found they will be uploaded into this article.


Disclaimer: Cribhut provides this information with the best intentions, but purely as a guide.  Like most things in life, there are no guarantees.  Your lively hood is your own responsibility and even if following the above recommendations, it is still up to you to do your own research, to be patient, persistent and put in the hard work.

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