National Occupation Licensing – Have Your Say Western Australia

National Occupation Licensing – Have Your Say Western Australia

Here’s your chance Western Australia to have your say on the new National Occupation Licensing that has been thrown around for the past few years.  If you’re looking to secure work in a different State or Territory to where you achieved your qualifications, this change is a blessing.  Currently companies require qualifications and licences that are relevant to their specific State or Territory, this is called licence recognition and can be a hurdle when applying and securing work, not to mention an expensive exercise to obtain.

The first wave of National Occupation Licensing will be electricians, gas-fitters, plumbers, refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics.

Information Taken From the WA Department of Commerce Website

Recently there was a Information Session on the current status of the national occupational licensing system proposals, to view the powerporint presentation click here.
Individuals and groups who have any comments on the proposals set out in the DRISs, may send them direct to: [email protected]

Photo Credit (Olga Lednichen)

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