Drilling Operations Entry Course – Coal Seam Gas

Drilling Operations Entry Course – Coal Seam Gas

The Australian Resource Industry has had a huge boost with major demands in the Coal Seam Gas Industry.  Across most States and Territories of Australia we are now drilling holes deep down into the Earth’s surface and capturing pressurised gas that lies in deposits.  In Western Australia we have the Wheatstone Project, Barrow Island, Gorgon LNG Project. In Queensland we have the 3 x Gladstone LNG projects.  In the Northern Territory we have the Darwin Ichthys LNG.  There are also new construction projects for Gas fired Power Stations happening now and in the pipe works.  Gas piping infrastructure is huge, with thousands of kilometres of pipes being installed to connect the production wells to the LNG Plants and Power Stations.  All of these LNG Projects will require in excess of  tens of thousands of gas wells across the country.  To drill a gas well you need a Drill Rig, a day-shift and night-shift crew to operate the Rig, and then a Production crew to carefully bring the well on to production.  Saying this, and knowing there are in excess of tens of thousands of wells needed to be drilled, there must be a massive demand for workers.


Hard to find a foot in

The Coal Seam Gas Industry is just like all the other major resource industries, they want to employ Blue Collar Workers that are skilled, experienced or if not, willing to help themselves.  If you’re a Fitter, Electrician or Diesel Fitter with heavy equipment experience and looking for a start, with the high demand for tradies at the moment, you should get a start reasonably quickly.  If you’re a general labourer with a loader ticket, or a rigger/dogger your entry may take a lot more time and effort, but if you sit a course, become qualified and show that your willing to advance your career yourself off your own back, it will go a long way to helping you secure that start.


Australasian Drilling Institution

OK, again it’s like all the courses you sit for different industries, there not cheap, but in the big scheme of things, to help you get your start on big bucks, great rosters, not needing to pay for your accommodation and food whilst you’re at work and the list goes on, it’s worth it.
This course I’m talking about is a Certificate II in Drilling Operations Course (RII20909).  The Australasian Drilling Institution is a Queensland based company that, at time of writing, runs a 12 day, $3500 course, and is in a partnership with Australasian Drilling Personnel, another Queensland based company which places workers out into the Drilling Industry.  You will need to have a Coal Board Medical with a current Drug and Alcohol Test (30 day expiry) to sit the course and a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence will be a benefit.


What the Course Covers

The Pre‐Industry Training course has been structured for people who have no experience in the drilling industry.  The course is held in Cairns and is part theory based and part practical experience.  On successful completion of the course you will have gained not only the qualification of Certificate II in Drilling ‐ Mineral Exploration, but also a number of other units that compliment entering the industry.


Is it worth your while?

I don’t have a problem with training myself up to create a better lifestyle, earn more cash and have more benefits.  If you’re stuck for money there’s a couple of options – save the money up or take advantage of payment plan, $1000 – $1500 deposit to book your spot on the course and then pay the rest off.  You’ll need to speak with the ADI administration about that though.

If you’d like to get in contact with ADI’s administration here is the email address –  [email protected]
Also the website for Australasian Drilling Institute.


Disclaimer: Cribhut provides this information with the best intentions, but purely as a guide.  Like most things in life, there are no guarantees.  Your lively hood is your own responsibility and even if following the above recommendations, it is still up to you to do your own research, to be patient, persistent and put in the hard work.


Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine / NYPL Digital Gallery


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